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Our Response to the Cass Report

The LGBTQ+ Law Clinic unreservedly offers its solidarity to trans children across the UK who are finding their pathways to gender affirming care being repeatedly narrowed.

The report calls for restrictions on gender-affirming care and social transition, including a recommendation to block transgender adults under the age of 25 from entering adult care.

Within a day of the report, NHS England announced that it would be launching a review into 'the operation and delivery of adult GDCs.'

We argue this reaction is misplaced, and in reality the evidence paints a much different picture to what the Cass report presents.

As Cornell University notes in their review, which compiled over 50 journal articles on the topic:

'The scholarly literature makes clear that gender transition is effective in treating gender dysphoria and can significantly improve the well-being of transgender individuals.'

The American Psychological Association, overwhelmingly passed a policy resolution which states that gender affirming care is a medical necessity and that being trans is not “caused” by things like autism and PTSD.

This led to the internationally acclaimed journal, The Lancet, to publish a letter stating that gender affirming care is lifesaving preventative care.

We will continue advocating for gender affirming care to be accessible and evidence based, something which we argue, the Cass report does not do.

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